Dr. H has helped me return to the sport that I love and to return with ability and confidence."

"I remember back to a darker time. I am a winner every time, I step into the arena just by being able to ride into the pen. Thank you again for helping to make it happen.

In a riding accident in 1994, Robin suffered a devastating brain injury. Doctors said she would not walk again... let alone ride. With the help of Dr. H, today, she not only rides, but competes and wins in national Reined Horse events, one of the most challenging and aggressive forms of horsemanship.  World Show National Reined Cow Horse Amateur Derby Champion - 2005
Robin Ross
Horsewoman and Brain Injury Victim

"Technically I think I am more sound because of all the work that I did which stuck into my head and my muscle memories ... the relaxation/recovery work was amazing!"

Ming-Chang Tsai, World Class Rower/Triathlete
2005 Canadian National Triathlon Team Member

"I have much more self confidence on court"

Wesley Moodie
Wimbledon Doubles Champion 2005

"Dr. H has helped me win more matches, because he truly got me to believe anyone is beatable."

Lauren Megale, Tennis Player - Girl's 16 and Under
#26 in the U.S.A. Lexington National Open Junior Tennis Champion 2005

"My game has been at a consistently higher playing level."

Ronald Rugimbana
Professional Tennis Player

"I'm more relaxed, more focused, and more able to do well in the competition."

Allan MacDonald
Professional Golfer, Gateway Tour 2003

"I tap into that inner place where I am calm and ready to perform."

Dave Mandley
Catcher, Santa Clara University Baseball

"We are a lot tougher mentally than most teams we play against."

Michelle Skyles
Head Girls' Basketball Coach, Jerome High School 1994 – 2004

"This work has affected my game more than any other single component of training."

Angie Cummins-Sievers
World Champion 1999 - Women's Lightweight Quadruple Sculls

"Working with Dr. H has sharpened my mental concentration and allowed me to give myself to the game, putting all outside distractions aside while I compete."

Stephenie Hyer
Sporting Clays (2003, 2004, and 2005 Ladies All American - National Sporting Clays Association Team)