Physical Therapies

Get it Keep it! When you come into the office, you want to regain what has been lost... maybe the ability to run, to lift, to reach, to do the things of life. Once Chiropractic care restores this ability, the physical therapies help you keep your improvement. 


Our Hydromassage therapy is a table of contained swirling waters that restores functional motion by relaxing the powerful spinal and the paraspinal muscles which are commonly tight with restricted movement because of injuries past and present and our innate response to the stresses of life. It is the best preparation for the chiropractic adjustment. When the hydromassage therapy is finished, there is a quietness inside that is so refreshing.  Most patients say “It’s the best 15 minutes of their day”

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Device:

The Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Device or PEMF is a magnetic therapy which induces bio-energetic stimulation of electrical and magnetic currents, adding energy to all of the 100 trillion cells of the human body that is in the field.  By adding energy to our human system, the PEMF promotes the natural body mechanisms to rest, repair, and recover. An amazing therapy!

These are two of our most popular physical therapies, others will be provided as needed.