On-site Coaching

Dr. H helps coaches, athletes, performers, professionals and patients as a mind coach, at all levels from grade school through college, from T-ball all the way through the Olympics. He helps them to find themselves comfortable wherever they are and wherever they compete.

Dr. H helps those who come to him, bring out of themselves their own abilities, talents, and skills and reach their true potential. He does this through his 50 years of experience emulating the work of Milton H Erickson, MD with more than 10,000 recorded sessions that he gives to patients to use as a one of the Tools of Change© He learned from them the greatest lessons of life in his interactions from all of those patients, athletes, performers, and professionals, that came to him. He utilizes a process of state-dependent memory for actualization of their own potential. It is a unique process that he has developed that can be adapted for any individual or situation to:

  • Be fully present and engaged in the activity at the moment.
  • Improve performance skills for any activity, time, and place.
  • Enhance their own unique talents and skills to accomplish their own desires.